About Us

Syntropy Chiropractic Training started organically as impromptu adjusting sessions with students at the Barcelona Chiropractic College. Patrick’s wife Richelle was in the first class at the BCC, and felt extremely frustrated with her level of adjusting. She, along with a couple of other classmates, started organizing training sessions with the students with local chiropractors. Patrick began putting on small workshops at the BCC. He quickly realized that he knew how to adjust, but not how to teach. He started working hard at how to break down the essentials and how to train the attributes necessary to be a great adjuster.

Around that time Aaron returned to Barcelona after a brief period of living in the south of Spain. He and Patrick had been great friends from the first day they met years earlier. They have had many of the same mentors, and had a shared love of chiropractic and doing it well. Aaron assisted at one of Patrick’s workshops, and the rest was history. The small, informal workshops transformed into Syntropy Chiropractic Training. Their friendship and synergistic talents were a catalyst for rapid growth. Within a short time they were asked to do seminars around Europe. Within 2 years, they were being asked to teach around the world, and are now regularly putting seminars on in Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States.

Aaron and Patrick have continually obsessed about how to better teach adjusting. They have taken the same dedication and focus that they had around learning to adjust, and applied it to creating the best training system for rapid skill acquisition. They are constantly striving to evolve the seminar so that it is a better experience each time. Their driving vision is to create the best adjusters on the planet. Both Aaron and Patrick share the absolute conviction that what will ultimately move the needle forward for individual chiropractors, their patients, the profession, and ultimately humanity as a whole is more chiropractors being able to consistently deliver the Undeniable Experience.