Adjusting Flow Tip

Feb 7, 2023 | Tips

Let’s talk about adjusting flow and leadership in the practice. One of my great mentors, Jay Komarek, told me when I was a student, how every adjustment should have a beginning, a middle and an end. I didn’t really realize what he was talking about when I was a student, but over the years, I’ve realized how important leadership is in practice – clearly showing your people what they need to do. Leading the dance. 

That last thing you want is a patient lying on the table, not knowing what they are supposed to do. You want to transmit absolute certainty and confidence. 

Let me show you so that it can hopefully help you in your practice. (See video for demonstration)

Let’s begin. In my practice, I’ve got some music going. I’ve got an open adjusting space. I let the patient just relax for a few minutes and I’ll just say, Hey so and so, it’s great to see you. I don’t say how are you doing today? Because then he is going to tell me about all kinds of stuff I don’t necessarily need to hear. Then I just give him a nice squeeze on his traps and say, “just let all this tension go” as gently rock his spine. At this point, he should feel like he is in good hands and that I know what I am doing. 

Then you want to have an adjusting flow that is inspiring for you. How do you love to adjust? 

I start with people face down. I check the pelvis, and then if I am going to adjust in side posture, I’ll do that. Then I lie them face up. I’ve already checked his thoracics so I know if I’m going to do an anterior dorsal, which I’ll generally end with. I’m not talking a lot as I adjust. I am in the present moment and he will feel that. That was the middle of the adjustment. 

Then I end the same way every time. I have the patient stand up. The patient knows, either the adjustment is over, or he is going to get one final adjustment (ribs). Then I say, “so and so, we’re done for the day.” I may or may not give him a hug. Either way, he knows we are finished.

This flow will allow you to move quicker and with more purpose and avoid unnecessary conversations. The patient is coming in on their time off and wants you to lead them. This flow is a great way to lead them. 


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