Side Posture Stability Tip

Side Posture Stability Tip Here is an important tip about side posture stability. I was just at a seminar recently where there were many young chiropractors watching veteran chiropractors adjust.  I noticed that many of these veterans were really unstable during...

What Is Primate Grooming

What Is Primate Grooming Today we want to bring to you something that you can put into practice. It is something that we see around the world when we go to different seminars. Since what we do as chiropractors is all about touch, we need to have incredible hands...

How to Drop In

How to Drop In

Let’s discuss presence in adjusting. What most chiropractors want is to get amazing results for their patients on a consistent basis. What we have found over time is the more present that the chiropractor can be while they are adjusting, the better results they will get.