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Nov 1, 2022 | Tips

Let’s discuss presence in adjusting. What most chiropractors want is to get amazing results for their patients on a consistent basis. What we have found over time is the more present that the chiropractor can be while they are adjusting, the better results they will get.

What we have observed over the years is this – many times when chiropractors are adjusting, they are not present. They may be thinking about something they have to do in the future, rushing through the adjustment to get to the next visit, or worrying if they are doing the adjustment correctly or if the patient likes them, etc..

All of these preoccupations carry the chiropractor away from the present moment. We completely disconnect from the moment and are thinking about how we are being perceived and that affects the interaction. The most powerful thing is that you do the internal work on yourself. In Chiropractic we have a principle that there is a universal intelligence and that everything has a function and a purpose. And that the universe doesn’t make trash – you are a worthy person and you don’t need someone’s approval. 

We recommend working on your story and getting right with you first. Here is something you can do today or tomorrow in practice:

Get into your body

What happens when we lose our presence is that we start to “pop up” in our head. We want to bring our consciousness back to our body.  Out of our head and back down into our body- we want to feel our feet on the ground, stand tall – open the front of your body. Get in the practice of opening anywhere you collapse or try to protect and just breathe into that area. We promise that if you do this with some time and repetition, just like an adjustment, you can change the neurology and can improve your ability to be present with patients so you can get those results, get those referrals, and really help people at a higher-level.

Put this into practice next time you are between adjustments – between each patient, feel your feet on the ground stand up nice and tall, breathe into those areas anywhere you feel collapsed – breathe into it, open and you will see amazing things happen.


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