Deliver An Undeniable Experience Tip

Dec 27, 2022 | Tips

In this post we would like to discuss the importance of chiropractors working on the art of adjusting and being able to consistently deliver an undeniable experience every time they step up to the table. It was us receiving powerful adjustments that brought us into the profession and made us fall in love with it. 

Having that “before and after experience” with your people is going to advance not only your practice and the results for the people in your practice, but also the profession. 

Have you ever received an incredibly powerful adjustment? If you have, then you will never forget it because it can be absolutely life changing.

Have you ever delivered one? If so, can you do it on a regular basis?  

If you can, congratulations, that is extremely rare in our profession! If you cannot, or would like to have more consistency doing so, then all you have to do is work on it and train consistently. 

That’s what’s going to make an absolute difference in your practice. If you can do that on demand, your practice becomes less about sales and less about convincing people and becomes more about you being there, delivering the promise of chiropractic. 

It’s a wonderful thing. And if you are able to consistently deliver that, then you already know the level of training that is required to get there.


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