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Feb 21, 2023 | Tips

We previously talked about the primate grooming reflex, which is basically having a lot of surface area when you’re palpating, so that people feel relaxed and at peace with your hands (not pokey). Now we want to talk about how you can still have that very broad contact, but have an extremely specific adjustment. 

(Watch video for demonstration)

One thing that we see with a lot of adjusting videos, even when people have good biomechanics and the adjustment itself looks great, you’ll see a lot of very sharp contacts. There is very little surface area and it may all be going into one area (e.x.. atlas). Then even if it’s a clean adjustment, it can be very abrasive and very shocking, threatening. 

Whereas, you can make the exact same contact, exact same level of specificity, but if you get more surface area and you cradle around the head more, it is not only less threatening and more comfortable, but it actually helps them to relax because they feel totally supported. I can still fire from and have a very specific contact from my finger tip but it’s also cradling the entire head. From the perspective of the patient, they don’t feel a threatening poke, they feel like their entire head is supported and they can actually relax.

So think about that in all of your adjustments. This week think about how you do thoracics and how you do cervicals. Still have the same level of specificity of your contact, but how can you mold and get as much surface area and get around as much of the head or whatever you’re adjusting as possible? For thoracics, instead of using a high pisiform, have as much surface area as you possibly can. Same thing with side posture – if you use increased surface area, I guarantee you will start to see people enjoy their care more and you will start getting more referrals. 


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