Center Of Gravity Tip

Mar 7, 2023 | Tips

You wouldn’t punch someone while leaning backward with all your weight, right? You shouldn’t adjust someone in that position either. 

You want to have your center of gravity over your base of support to make sure that you’re really balanced. You don’t want to be bending or far away from the person. You should be at about 135 degrees. You shouldn’t need any muscular effort to support your body. You should feel very balanced. You should feel very stable and it should be easy to generate speed and power. If you start getting those angles off, your center of mass is not over your base of support, or you’re on one leg, you’re using a lot of mental bandwidth and your cerebellum is processing a lot of information. It’s using too much energy. It’s not efficient. 

Whereas, if we have a proper center of gravity and allow the bones to hold us up, you won’t have the muscular effort and it will be very easy to concentrate on what you’re doing. 


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